Sports iPhone App Review: League For Basketball Connects Players

sports iphone appI have a group of friends I can really enjoy the game of basketball with. From high school to college to pro, every one of us loves the game and can talk about it for hours. What we love most is playing the game. There is only one problem: we all stink.

I’m talking white men can’t jump, pass, dribble, defend or shoot stink and this always brings up the argument of who is the best of the worst.

Thanks to the sports iPhone app “League For Basketball,” we can finally track all of our skills so we can stop arguing about who to pick first for our team with and start playing.

League is A Different Sports iPhone App

League For Basketball is a revolutionary app that allows basketball players of all skill levels to rate the people they are playing against in the five fundamental skill areas. Whether it’s AAU, college, semi-pro, pro or just a bunch of friends running around on a court; this sports iPhone app brings everyone in the community closer by creating a “League” in your area. Any player can then see how their skills stack up against everyone else town in the “league stats” feature through peer rating. This allows players to brag about who they are better than on Facebook and Twitter through League For Basketball.

“I miss those days of competing just for the sake of being known as the best on the block,” said Sheldon Bradley, creator of the sports iPhone app. “So that was my whole motivation for creating League For Basketball. I want young people to get out, compete, discover new places to play, and interact with one another using the tools that we have available today. I spent about a year designing and developing the app and it became a reality for me in December.”

In addition to all the players in the area, the nearby courts are also on showcase. The “courts” feature on the sports iPhone app allows players to “check-in” at any court, arena or even driveway. This is vital for a group with less than five, as all someone has to do is find the court they are headed to and see if there is anyone else checked-in to find more players. Plus you can get your friends to start checking-in simply by inviting them to download League For Basketball thanks to the “share” feature. As the app grows the days of showing up hoping to play and finding no one is around will diminish.

“There isn’t a basketball app out that connects all the streetball, AAU, high school, college, semi pro and pro basketball players, both men and women, together,” said Bradley. “League For Basketball is the epitome of what playing basketball is all about; no matter what your age, gender, or skill level is. It is about competing against the best players that you can find to sharpen your game. Making a name for yourself, being the top player among your peers, that’s what this app is about.”

Of all the great things this iPhone sports app is about the fact that it is real-time may be the most vital thing it brings to the table. What good would checking-in at a court be if it didn’t go up right away? League For Basketball users will never have to worry about that, as the app uses geo-location to make it’s checking-in as quick and efficient as Facebook’s. As a bonus the “MyStats” feature is also real-time to make sure you know how well you’re playing that day and everyone your playing against can find out as fast as you want them to on social media.

The League For Basketball sports iPhone app is a fun and easy way to track not only your play but every basketball lover’s play in the area. In bringing stat creators, check-ins and real-time features this app opens the door for physical fitness, healthy competition and social interaction in any neighborhood. It may not make you a better player, but it will always tell you who you are better than.

And there’s nothing wrong with being the best of a group, even if it is the best of the worst.

League For Basketball – Sports iPhone App

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