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As a Philadelphia guy, I’m having a tough year watching The Nightmare Team that is the Philadelphia Eagles. My pain is best showcased in week 12 against the Patriots when the Birds took a 10-0 lead on one of the better teams in the league before laying their customary egg, getting outscored 38-10 the rest of the game and falling to 4-7 on the season. As I sat there dejected watching the 2nd half of my favorite team getting blown out, I couldn’t help but wish there was a way I could get some enjoyment out of this game, because it certainly wasn’t coming from the Eagles.

PrePlay Sports gives fans a chance to get involved in games in a new way through an NFL app

The PrePlay Sports NFL App allows for fans watching any game to make a prediction about what will happen during the next play. If you guess correctly you earn points that add up toward prizes; if you guess wrong you can just guess again in 40 seconds and earn points on that play. From the opening kickoff to the final “victory formation” kneel, every play can be predicted and every play can earn you points, and they’re hoping to pioneer the format.

“PrePlay is the world’s first predictive game studio,” says Andrew Daines, PrePlay Sports CEO. “That means we’re basically a video game studio, but we specialize in games that enable fans to predict the outcomes of live plays and events on TV.”

The features that come with PrePlay Sports extend much farther than just picking right or wrong plays as well. For starters, the NFL app rewards the bold. PrePlay is based on an algorithm which has analyzed thousands of plays over the years and has been formulated to reward big points for big predictions and smaller points for predictions that are, well, predictable. While the “slow and steady wins the race” strategy may be satisfying for you, it might not get you far in the next feature that comes with this NFL app.

Compete With Your Friends With The PrePlay Sports NFL App

PrePlay also offers fans the opportunity to compete against each other in head-to-head match-ups. This feature allows you to connect with friends through Facebook to do everything from trash talking to comparing point totals and accuracy. Everyone has that friend who thinks they are the smartest sports mind in the room, and he or she lets everyone know it. Here is your chance to prove modesty is the best policy and take them down once and for all.

“Building a community is key,” Daines said of his NFL app. “We’ve added features that let fans peek at what other users are guessing, chat and challenge head-to-head competitions. What we’re seeing is the creation of communities based on favorite teams and frequency of play, and we’re doing everything we can to encourage that because PrePlay is not a one player game. You’ve got to do it with friends to get the full experience”

As mentioned before, this NFL app also gives fans the chance to win NFL prizes. From tablets to jerseys to tickets, PrePlay Sports has hooked up with a bunch of sponsors that allow users to participate in contests. Successfully completed contests result in fan’s names entered for chances to win great prizes in addition to the ones they earn with their points.

How does this NFL app benefit more than just the fan?

PrePlay isn’t just for the enthusiastic NFL fan. The NFL app also includes businesses big and small to sponsor contests and promote themselves at the same time. The big business can promote a nation-wide fan contest while the small business can limit their contest outreach to and city like Green Bay and its diehard Packer fans. In addition to that, there are no limits to what contest a business can add to this NFL app. They come up with what to predict and what the prize will be given to the ultimate winner and PrePlay will do the rest.

“There’s an app for that” is certainly becoming and increasingly popular sentence today. The PrePlay Sports app has now brought the luxury of being able to say that statement to the Nostradamus NFL fan. Predicting every play with the chance to win prizes at the end of it all is an NFL fan’s dream, and PrePlay is bringing that to life with this NFL app.

“The company is angel backed,” Daines says. “We have investors from Matt Higgins (EVP of the NY Jets) to Gary Vaynerchuk (Vayner Media, Wine Library etc.). These guys get it – TV is headed towards a more social, more competitive paradigm and we’re first movers in that.”

Plus it makes watching your favorite team get embarrassed a little easier to watch.

How do you see this app impacting the way fans will watch the NFL in the future? Have you downloaded the PrePlay app and have your own review? Comment and let us know!

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