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Note: This is a spoiler-free The Gentlemen movie review

The mark of an original moviemaker in Hollywood is when he or she is able to bring a noticeable individuality to their films. Someone who, when you see one of their movies, screams “Oh this is obviously a movie from the mind of [insert name here]”. 

Guy Ritchie is one of those people. His latest movie is a refreshing joy to watch. 

The Gentlemen is yet another Guy Ritchie installment that keeps you on your toes and on the edge of your seat as it builds up to a satisfying ending.

A Classic Ritchie Orignal

At this point, a Guy Ritchie movie has defining characteristics making it uniquely his. The Gentlemen has all those elements.

This project from Ritchie is noticeably slower with its pacing than his originals like Snatch and Lock, Stock. The same build-up still exists with The Gentlemen, but with fewer shoot-em-up/fight/action scenes to get there. In that sense, this movie is a notch below the two aforementioned films. The Gentlemen makes up for that with star power, witty dialogue and perfect casting.

Additionally, the big twist ending rules all in movies like this, and that makes yet another appearance this time around.

Ritchie has a unique ability to introduce multiple stories and characters, and find a way to bring them all together by the end. It is a staple of his movies to leave no stone unturned and no plot with a hole. It may be a winding road, but it’s a road with a definitive ending that makes sense. The Gentlemen follows that formula and doesn’t disappoint when the climax hits.

In the end you know what to expect, but it’s somehow still unexpected and satisfying.

Better Than Alright Casting

The Gentlemen takes us to a place where a drug lord living in Britain is trying to sell off his assets for $400 million. He’s also being tracked by a reporter trying to dig up dirt. And he has another possible buyer who won’t take no for an answer. Plus the owner of a boxing gym is caught up in a place he doesn’t want to be, and it involves said drug lord. In other words, we’ve got a lot of shady gentlemen about to clash with one another.

Calamity ensues.

Matthew McConaughey is cast perfectly as the no-nonsense kingpin drug lord, Mickey Pearson. Pearson exudes cool under all situations. He also captivates entire rooms when he talks and makes deep metaphors you may or may not understand.

Sound like anyone else you recognize from a bunch of Lincoln car commercials?

The actor has found a niche as the ultimate suave man and his role as Mickey plays perfectly into that. But he’s also ruthless when he needs to be and shows no hesitation to flip that switch. It’s a captivating character played by a captivating man.

McConaughey puts on a masterclass in commanding every scene without a hint of over-the-top acting. The fascination and love for the actor continues — this performance only adds to the legend.

Your Standout Gentleman? Hugh Grant.

McConaughey is the most recognizable name, but the unexpected star of the film is rom-com expert Hugh Grant. He plays the narrative storyteller as the movie unfolds, from the perspective of a shady journo called Fletcher.

Grant is almost unrecognizable in his look, accent, and performance in comparison to his past accolades. The actor nails his latest foray into the Guy Ritchie world, bringing a perfect amount of crude humor mixed with intricate storytelling. He throws a lot of jokes to see what sticks, and most of it does.

A ton of laugh-out-loud moments within The Gentlemen thanks to Grant.

Fletcher is telling his story to Mickey’s right-hand man Raymond, played by Charlie Hunham. The movie wouldn’t work the way that it does if these two didn’t have the chemistry they possess.

Despite McConaughey being the main focus of the film, these two are together in the most scenes you see as the moviegoer. It’s their job to keep the interest of the audience between the action scenes. Their back-and-forth banter is what makes you consistently laugh and pay attention until it’s time to brace yourself for another confrontation.

Don’t Forget About Farrell

Also adding a quirky storyline to The Gentlemen is Colin Farrell‘s performance as the boxing gym owner who goes simply by Coach. Coach is the classic Guy Ritchie character who isn’t in too many scenes, and you’ll probably even forget he’s in the movie, but thanks to what he does when he’s on-screen he’ll no doubt be a favorite character of some. 

Much like McConaughey, Farrell is directly within his element playing this character. He’s a tough, blunt, hard-to-understand Irishman that can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. The choice is ultimately yours. He adds to both the comedy and the ass-kicking elements in The Gentlemen.

Should I See The Gentlemen?

This is a really fun and easy watch if you’re into Guy Ritchie and the genre he lives in. A fan of any of his previous movies will enjoy The Gentlemen. It’s also an entertaining night out for any crime/action genre fan. 

It is crude at times, operates on the edges of appropriate, and you may cringe if you don’t know what you’re getting into (like any other Guy Ritchie movie).

Essentially it comes down to if you’re OK with a bunch of vulgar language and fighting. If you are (or you’re on the fence), the originality, entertainment value, and gratifying ending of The Gentlemen is worth going out for.

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