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For most of the country, mentioning North Penn High School football would only bring a reaction to the die hard fans who see the name in the Pennsylvania state and national rankings most years. But in Lansdale, Pa, the high school’s home town, North Penn football is a tradition. From newspapers to message boards, every play of every game is under the microscope thanks to the fans who love the most prominent sport at their alma mater.

This is an especially exciting year for North Penn and its fans thanks to the fact that they will be headed back to Hershey, Pa to play in the Pennsylvania State Championship for the first time since winning it in 2003. Unfortunately for numerous alumni both in college and parents who have kids in college, this weekend is also when winter graduation ceremonies occur at most universities.

Fortunately for those exact same people YourSports has launched its “Plays” app.

YourSports allows any fan to become the play-by-play announcer 

The YourSports Twitter app is a revolutionary idea that allows any fan in the stands to tweet out every play of any football game – like a Pennsylvania State Championship – in 3 seconds per play.

Plays has teamed up with Twitter to create a quick and easy way to tap pass, run, special teams, or turnover to go along with a yardage. Then you let Plays do the rest. They turn your information into a tweet and all of your followers see that as instantly as any other tweet you would put out. The sports Twitter app will also create a custom hash tag for your game, making it easy for the people not in the stands to find you simply by searching for the hash tag.

“The worst part about sports is simply not being there. It’s what we call the ‘away game’ ” says Chris McCoy, YourSports Founder. “Plays solves that problem, and reinvents how games are covered: from typing to touch.”

The combination of efficiency and simplicity to go along with incorporating an up-and-coming social media giant is what makes this sports Twitter app a can’t miss going forward.

“Plays changes how games are covered,” McCoy said. “We’re taking a very expensive process (live, digital, play-by-play and stats) owned by the ‘Stats Inc.’s’ of the world and democratizing it for any game, by any person, at any level. We’re taking it from a paper and pen down to a mobile phone. We’re taking it from 30 seconds down to 3–from typing on your phone to swiping and touch. We’re making covering the play-by-play a game in itself. We’re making 1-way live sports coverage a truly social 2-way process. It’s design engineering. And it’s only the beginning.”

YourSports hopes to create the sports Twitter app for Androids along with basketball, baseball and soccer versions that are coming soon.

YourSports has officially brought the high school football game that would be 100 miles away right to any alumni’s mobile phone, and any former North Penner can now get instant updates during a college graduation day.

As long as it’s not during the ceremony of course.

Is the YourSports Twitter app the best sports Twitter app that you have come across so far? Let us know in the comments below! And, please feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook & Twitter.

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