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The New MLS Partner is on The Fast Track to Becoming The Go-to Site for Sponsorship Professionals Looking for New Connections.

There’s a new kid on the sponsorship block, and all the other kids better take notice. At a time when brand marketers are always asking for more from their sponsorship opportunities, is working to deliver the relationships and research every marketer needs.

“At a time when brands are scrutinizing every sponsorship dollar spent, it is critical to have the right conversations as soon as possible,” says Michael Munson, SponsorPitch CMO. “This is the true power of social media for business.”

SponsorPitch is a business intelligence network for the $50 billion global marketplace. It is powered by over 5,000 people who allow sponsorship professionals to share their stories while getting research on real-time activity of brands, properties and people in the industry. The company currently offers real-time insight into 1,400 of the most active global sponsors, which allows members to qualify leads, research qualified prospects and connect with their decision makers in a time-efficient and targeted way.

The latest organization to hop on board with SponsorPitch is the MLS and their 19 teams in the United States and Canada.

“SponsorPitch is at the heart of a transformative shift that empowers people in our industry to unleash an unprecedented new level of professional efficiency,” says Kris Mathis, SponsorPitch CEO. “The SponsorPitch platform was built from the ground up for global organizations just like Major League Soccer and I am pleased that they will benefit from our vision about what it takes to source successful partnerships in this day and age.”

The MLS shares the same enthusiasm about expanding their brand and partnerships in the future.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our Clubs drive revenue,” said Dave Mosca, Club Development Senior Director, of the new MLS sponsor. “SponsorPitch provides a real-time opportunity for our Clubs to access and gather market intelligence from their business peers.”

The MLS won’t be the only company driving revenue and gathering intelligence thanks to a relationship with SponsorPitch, either.

“It’s really cool to put my staff on the same platform being used by dozens of sales professionals from Major League Soccer,” says Ilisa Kessler, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Special Olympics Northern California. “More information can only lead to better ideas and relationships.”

How The New MLS Partner Benefits The League

With the new MLS sponsor comes many perks. Some of the things SponsorPitch will provide are:

The Sponsor Index – This will be the biggest benefit the MLS will receive in their partnership with SponsorPitch. While traditional sponsorship prospecting consists of using dated and annually published data through manually researched directories and pestering of unwilling organizations, the MLS sponsor finds all that information seamlessly and in a matter of seconds with the Sponsor Index.

Data Insights – In this shot Southern Tide’s activation markets are on display. From the data it can easily be seen Southern Tide is a company that markets mostly the Southeastern United States.

Decision Makers – Here the decision makers at Dick’s Sporting Goods are clearly and precisely laid out. By simply clicking on a name the member can access the contact information of the higher-ups at any of SponsorPitch’s 1,400 companies.

Peers – The peers of any SponsorPitch company, in this case Chevrolet, can also be seen with the new MLS sponsor. This is a transcending way for members to access tips and experience-based insight from brand experts at companies and organizations like the NBA or Notre Dame Sports Properties.

Recent Sponsorship Deals – Through this feature members can access deals two companies have completed, like one between Toyota and the 2K Sports Classic. By simply clicking “read more” the member can get the inner-workings about any sponsorship deal, learning the business from that angle as well.

With the combination of these features and the way SponsorPitch is creating a networking juggernaut for sponsorship professionals, there is little doubt this new MLS partner will boost the league’s revenues, connections and overall brand moving forward. Before long people will be calling SponsorPitch “the new David Beckham” for the MLS.

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