Social Media Marketing Book Review – Resonate: Sports Marketing Strategies That Drive Results

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Here at Sports Networker our goal will always be to support your goals of finding a job in sports. We probably use the term “dream job” too often, but I really do believe it is a dream to get paid to do something you love every day. Our mission is to make that dream a reality for you.

We also aim to help out budding entrepreneurs and authors whenever we get the chance at this fine company. That’s what has me excited to bring you the next great tool that will help you land a job in sports; our friend Tanisha Hawkins’ sports and social media marketing book, “Resonate: Sports Marketing Strategies That Drive Results.

What Do You Get?

3d book coverThroughout the nine information-filled chapters you can find tips and advice on how to work both offline and online in the marketing world. Additionally, “Resonate” will give you a comprehensive look at how the research, content, branding and sponsorship sides of marketing all work. Plus, in a section aptly titled “Overtime,” Hawkins will provide you with business tips about everything from what to charge clients to making an impression on people to approaching professional athletes.

Tanisha’s book truly is a great springboard for the student or professional who is ready to put in the work and get that next great sports marketing job in any area of the field. But don’t take my work for it, here’s what the author had to say:

“This book was written for those who want to work in sports marketing or those who just landed a job in the industry. It highlights many different aspects of the sports marketing process. The book also includes experiences and advice that the reader can use to successfully market sports clients.”

Gain Experience Without Experience

The second half of the quote above is the icing on the cake that is “Resonate”. The fact you get any experiences and pieces of advice from the book is great, but when you consider the success the professionals included in this book have had, you realize the priceless value you’re getting.

“It was really important to me for this book to focus on how sports marketing professionals actually do their job, not just about what their day-to-day looks like,” Tanisha said. “This book is going to give the reader strategies and real-life examples of how to engage their client’s fans in a meaningful and memorable way.”

Who is giving those real-life examples? People like Tiki Barber (Former NFL running back, now co-Founder and chairman of Thuzio), Sean Callanan (Founder of Sports Geek), Ashley De Walt (Co-founder and CEO of FusionSports Marketing Group) and Trevor Turnbull (President of T3 Connect Sports Marketing and former COO of Sports Networker). Hawkins also got the advice of company vice presidents Matt Balvanz (Navigate Research), Bill Sanders (PMK-BNC) and Steve Seiferheld (Turnkey Intelligence, LLC). There are also directors of marketing, marketing managers and others included to make sure all walks of the sports marketing life are covered.

Looking for guidance in the college aspect of sports marketing? Hawkins talks to Tracy Schoenadal (Executive Director of the McCormack Center for Sport Research & Education at the University of Massachusetts) for the administrative side and D’Bria Bradshaw (Student, University of Central Florida) for the academic side.

Long story short, you’re gonna get some great tips from this book, no matter what aspect of sports marketing peaks your interest.

Is This Sports and Social Media Marketing Book Right for You?

So how do you know if you should check out this next tool to sports and social media marketing success? I’ll let Tanisha herself sum that up for you.

“This is a great book if you’ve been searching for a mentor that works in the sports industry. All of the professionals that were interviewed provided important advice that they would want their protégés to learn from them.”

Become that next protégé. Check out “Resonate: Sports Marketing Strategies That Drive Results” today on the book’s website or coming soon on Amazon.

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