Prime Time Fantasy Football – Week 3 Preview

Prime Time Fantasy Football Week 3

I was watching an old episode of Gordon Ramsay’s “Hotel Hell” last night (highly recommended) and watched an owner leave her hotel for three months after it was open for just six weeks.

What the hell does this have to do with fantasy football? Nothing. But I was off last week if you hadn’t noticed – so not only do I care enough about this podcast to come back after one week off, but I’m also equipped to run a hotel. It’s very reassuring.

During lucky episode number thirteen of Prime Time Fantasy Football, Adam Gori, Joe Webster and I all talk about everything that is fantasy-relevant heading into Week 3.

We start our show with a recap of our picks of who we thought we would perform well or poorly in Week 2. We actually hit on a lot of them, which obviously means you should listen to the show more often.

We also made picks for this week. Check out who we are high and low on in the aptly named “High/Low.” Additionally, we each took a guy to have a bounce-back week in “Zero to Hero” and a guy who we think will have a fantasy digression in “Don’t Buy The Hype.” Find out which side guys like Matt Ryan, Pierre Garcon and Stevan Ridley fall on.

Then we went ahead and tried out a new segment we call “Take Your Pick.” Here we covered some running-back-by-committee situations and a running back who has been inconsistent over 2 weeks. Our other new segment this week is called “Over/Under Owned Players,” where we do just that – tell you which guys are owned in too many leagues and which guys aren’t owned in enough. James Jones and Allen Hurns are discussed here, among others.

Finally, Week 2 was one of the more brutal weeks in recent memory as far as injuries to skill position players go. We go over them and tell you what strategy you should take to make up for the losses you may have suffered. Listen on!

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