Legion 1×02 recap: 4 questions that better get answered

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Legion recap: Season 1, Episode 2, “Chapter 2,” Aired Feb. 15, 2016

Here I sit, your trusted Legion reviewer and friend, tasked with describing the latest episode in an elegant and poignant way.

Here I sit, your trusted Legion reviewer and friend, ready give you one of these ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and move on to next week.

Marvel’s latest TV venture has a lot of good things happening. I outlined those last week. It can also be pretty damn confusing, which was on full display in Legion 1×02. Sometimes that can be a negative, but it can also be the source of awesome twists and reveals as the show progresses.

Below are four Legion questions that we hopefully get answers to as we do The Work and attempt to solve the show.

What’s Lenny’s Deal?

On the surface, Lenny appears to be one of David’s closest crazy confidants. However, she’s also shown to be stuck in a wall. Not a great chance of anyone surviving that one.

So, is Lenny dead or alive? I would suggest she was never really alive to begin with. David is in the process of being convinced that his schizophrenia is really mistaken telepathy. Lenny may be David’s strongest remnants of schizophrenia, so as he continues to do The Work and realize his telepathic potential, we could be in for quite the clash between him and his imaginary friend.

Is Amy A Mutant Too?

We know Amy is David’s sister. We also know she’s been checked into her brother’s facility for questioning by The Eye. What we don’t know is Amy’s full significance to the story.

The thing is Amy may not know either. I find it hard to believe that the sister of a mutant as powerful as David has no mutation at all. However, if she knows about it then her actual mutation may be the power to hide things from people. I have to believe there’s a much bigger plan for Amy, with not only escaping the facility but finding a way to team up with David and his friends as well.

Why Can’t Sydney Touch Anyone?

Syd. SYD. David just wants to hold hands!

As it stands, Sydney is giving off a vibe that she’s just afraid to be in contact with anyone. Trust me — I’ve heard that “it feels like ants crawling all over when anyone gets too close” line before. I AIN’T BUYIN’ THAT SHIT. Syd has some type of power that she can’t control yet.

Our biggest evidence of something wild happening to Sydney is obviously changing bodies with a telepath. That occurred when the flustered David snuck a kiss on Sydney (you sly devil you) and a shockwave was sent to both of their systems. This whole thing could have been caused by David, but I think Sydney’s mutation could be that she switches bodies with someone whenever she touches them. Could be useful when trying to, say, break someone out of a mental hospital.

Why Can’t We See David’s Father?

This is the one, boys and girls. If you like twists and reveals, don’t do any research on David Haller’s father.

It may seem innocuous during Legion 1×02, but we never had a chance to see the face of David’s dad. Expect this to become a much bigger storyline as the series moves along. For now, we’ll keep it to “that guy is a real jerk for reading a terrible bedtime story to his son every night.”

Down the road, we’re going to get a lot of clarity with the answer to this question. And hopefully others.

Have your own questions about Legion 1×02? Have your own theories to my questions? Let’s hash it out in the comments!

Legion airs Wednesdays at 10pm EST on FX.

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