‘Dolemite Is My Name’ movie review

Note: This is a spoiler-free Dolemite Is My Name movie review

There are few actors in this day and age that make you say “I’m seeing this movie because he/she is in it”. There are even fewer comedians with that reach.

Eddie Murphy is one of those people. The comedy king is back after a multiple-year hiatus and back like he never left.

Eddie Murphy makes his triumphant return with Dolemite Is My Name, reminding us what made him such a screen-commanding comedian in the first place.

Dynamite As Dolemite

The reason 94.5% of people want to see this movie is that Eddie Murphy is back. I don’t blame a single one of them. The best thing is Murphy doesn’t disappoint in any way, shape, or form.

This is a role that Murphy has wanted to play for years, and it shows. As a stand up the man is over the top and not afraid to let any joke rip, which makes him a legend. The man he portrays, Rudy Ray Moore, is exactly the same.

There is no better pick to play Rudy Ray Moore than Eddie Murphy. He is simply perfect.

Murphy commands every scene he’s in during Dolemite Is My Name, which is most of them. The movie is full of laughs, and once he gets Moore’s routine down you will be roaring with laughter.

Murphy is also able to display some range in the role, which is important because the actor shines a light on a true story that deserves to be told.

Rudy Ray Moore is not well known, but to those who do know he essentially invented a movie genre and is considered a rap pioneer. Roll that in with the comedy and this is a fun story that is perfect for Hollywood. Kudos to everyone who came together to make Dolemite and raise awareness about the life of an unknown legend that is uplifting and easy to root for.

Dolemite Is My Name has great pacing at the start as we discover how Moore put together his comedy routine. The movie is at its peak in the beginning with jokes and one-liners coming fast and furious. It’s a great tone-setter and you can ride the momentum throughout the movie.

You’ll also benefit from laughs that come from unexpected places. The movie has multiple scenes that work perfectly, but looking back on them you have no idea why. The important part is they work.

Should I See Dolemite Is My Name?

Well, it’s on Netflix, so it doesn’t get much easier to see than that. This is the perfect movie for a Saturday night in full of laughs and fun. Eddie Murphy is exactly what you want. Dolemite Is My Name is absolutely worth the watch.

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