‘Stuber’ movie review

Note: This is a spoiler-free Stuber movie review

It’s nice to be surprised at the movies every now and then. In this case, don’t necessarily judge an Uber driving cop comedy book by its cover.

While Stuber totally lacks in story and is probably too long, it does have two stars with good chemistry and can be counted on for easy laughs.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way right off the bat. The plot of this movie is monumentally stupid and full of holes. There’s really just no way of denying that. Bautista is legally blind for 90% of the movie, Kumail Nanjianihas an attempted character arc that more resembles a straight line, and there’s no real antagonist. All things that would surely irk you if this wasn’t a comedy about an Uber driver right?

Guess what. This is a comedy about an Uber driver. Who cares about the story. The important part about a comedy in 2019 is the movie making you laugh, and Stuber accomplishes that.

A Fueling Chemistry

The best thing Stuber has going for it is the chemistry between Bautista and Nanjiani. There are a bunch of minor characters dipping in and out, but the no-nonsense cop and his lovesick Uber driver are in just about every scene. That makes the back and forth between the two all the more important.

Kudos to casting for knowing Bautista and Nanjiani is a combination that works.

The chemistry between to two main characters is mainly responsible for one of the most unexpected parts of Stuber –the fact that the movie has consistent laughs for the entire 93 minutes. Granted, a lot of the laughs are cheap and predictable. But that doesn’t make them any less funny, and you’ll still laugh at a good fight scene in a sporting goods store or the background action at a male strip club.

The key to consistent laughs is the variety of laughs the movie provides. If you like physical comedy, Bautista is capable of providing it on multiple occasions. His one-liners aren’t as well crafted, which is a little surprising because that’s his sweet spot as Drax in the Guardians franchise. His screen partner more than makes up for it, however.

Nanjiani Again A Driving Force

Men In Black: International is a struggle, but Nanjiani’s character is a saving grace. Stuber doesn’t need as much saving, but Kumail’s one-liners are still the number one reason to see the movie.

In this mediocre (to put it mildly) Summer of movies, Kumail Nanjiani is the main reason to see an otherwise mediocre movie for the second time in a month.

To put it simply, Nanjiani knows how comedy works. His delivery is always on time and he knows how to maximize the lines written for him. Throughout Stuber you can almost feel another line coming and can anticipate a laugh before he earns it. It’s another solid performance.

Should I Go See Stuber?

If you’re in search of a comedy, this one is actually worth seeing in the theater. I say that because this movie functions best as it feeds off the juice of the audience. Essentially you’ll find it funnier laughing with other people than waiting for it to come out on cable and watching it in your living room.

It is worth a $12 entry fee? Probably not, but that’s a necessary sacrifice to enjoy Stuber to the fullest.

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