Margot Robbie: Hollywood’s next ‘it’ girl?

Look out Hollywood. Margot Robbie is your next leading lady.

Look out Hollywood. This is your next leading lady. (Image: ScreenRant)

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Remember Leo’s gorgeous love interest in The Wolf of Wall Street? Of course you do.

That part was played by Margot Robbie, and was a role that proved to be the Austrailian actress’ breakout performance. As we sit three years after the film’s release, it looks like portraying Naomi Lapaglia may have also been a springboard into Hollywood superstardom for Robbie.

Now we’re all aware of the blockbuster Summer Sixteen the actress will be having. It’ll start July 1 with the Warner Bros. adaptation of Alexander Skarsgård running around a jungle with his shirt off Tarzan. Robbie will be back playing a romantic interest as the Jane to Skarsgård’s Tarzan. One month later, she’ll be playing the much-anticipated Harley Quinn in DC’s Suicide Squad.

Now we’re learning that the Robbie train just keeps rolling with two major biopic announcements in one day. First Fox Searchlight confirmed the Queensland native will star as A.A. Milne’s wife Daphne in a film about the Winnie The Pooh author, titled Goodbye Christopher Robin. Second, it was announced Craig Gillespie will direct a biopic called I, Tonya;, in which Robbie plays the title character. She’ll take on the role of Tonya Harding, who was a famous figure skater that conspired to have her top competition injured prior to the 1994 Olympics.

So what does this mean for Robbie and her place among actresses moving forward? First of all, she’s going to be making a boatload of money. Some quick research shows she didn’t rank in the top 18 of the highest earning actresses in 2015, with that threshold being $6 million. I don’t think she’ll have any trouble breaking through that ceiling moving forward.

Secondly, and I think more importantly, we’re getting a tone change in Robbie’s career. She’s made her splash as the beautiful amor, but has always been a secondary character. For me the pivot point will be Suicide Squad — if you’ve seen that trailer I think you’d agree she’s ready to break out again, this time as an actress ready to carry a movie on her own. When it comes down to it Robbie is an impressive actor, looks or not, and there might be some Oscar nominations coming in future years to go along with all that money — a la Jennifer Lawrence.

JLaw is a gigantic queen to dethrone, don’t get me wrong there. But I think this time next year we could be talking about Margot Robbie as the hottest actress in Hollywood.

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