‘Long Shot’ movie review

Note: This is a spoiler-free Long Shot movie review


Seth Rogen is still funny.

Long Shot is a the funniest movie of 2019 so far, thanks to an organic chemistry between Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron and a non-apologetic comedy style on screen.

Rogen is not involved with the writing or directing this time around, but Long Shot still has a classic element you’re used to with his movies at this point. The opening scene of the movie toes the line, suspends belief, and is laugh-out-loud funny. It’s a perfect tone-setter for the next two hours and the laughs rarely stop from there.

Rogen is once again the driving force in a comedy movie. His natural ability to be funny, outrageous, and relatable all at once is uncanny. His character of Fred Flarsky in Long Shot is perfect for those traits. The result is you laughing during more scenes he appears than not.

At this point the question needs to be asked — what’s the last thing Seth Rogen was part of that isn’t quality? Most of the time it’s funny, but he’s also started to produce and direct some more dramatic/dark comedic projects. They’re good too.

There are few people in Hollywood these days who have the power to make people want to see something simply because their name is attached. Rogen is quickly climbing those ranks.

Funny Behind The Camera

I actually just assumed Rogen wrote Long Shot. In a weird way, that’s a credit to the actual writers, Dan Sterling and Liz Hannah. Sterling and Hannah both have strong writing credits in their own right, but nothing in full-length feature comedies. They come together and give it a hell of an effort for their first time.

The banter and dialogue between multiple characters makes the movie so funny. It’s quick, it’s vulgar, and it’s timed well. There are also scene depictions that are too funny to fail. Kudos to the writers for living whatever lives they have in order to think of writing Long Shot.

Good writing needs good directing as a partner, and comedy directing is amongst the hardest out there. Jonathan Levine has some experience directing funny Seth Rogen movies, and it shows.

In addition to the dialogue, Long Shot also has some physical comedy that contributes to the funny. Levine gets the credit for bringing that to life and making some embarrassing moments hysterical instead of cringeworthy.

Charlize Is The Glue

Charlize Theronhas proven she can hit your funny bone multiple times before (See: A Million Ways To Die In The West). She’s a great change of pace in still bringing the funny while also playing it straighter and advancing the storyline of the movie.

Theron certainly has her standalone moments in Long Shot. There are particular scenes written specifically for her, but for my money, she shines with one-liners and her own laughs.

Charlize also deserves the bulk of the credit for making the chemistry what it is between herself and Rogen.

He drives the “com” scenes, while she drives the “rom” scenes (even the funny ones). Their chemistry when working together on both types is excellent, which makes a quality rom-com.

Should I Go See Long Shot?

Long Shot is, in my opinion, a perfect date night movie. Your date is gonna have to be able to take a joke, appreciate being offended, and be a little bit immature. But as long as he or she falls under that criteria, you should definitely see this instead of Avengers for the 37th time.

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