Legion 1×08 recap: Let’s sum up the season

Legion recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “Chapter 8,” Aired March 29, 2016

It’s been quite a ride, not only watching Legion with you but also recapping it. Staying true to form, Legion 1×08 gave us some answers to wrap up season one while also leaving plenty of questions for season two.

As we drive off into the wilderness with a little bit of crazy at our side let’s talk about the season finale, how it fits with season one, and what it means for season two.

So what happened in Legion 1×08?

I’m glad you asked. The Interrogator has a recording eye, Lenny can penetrate David and Sydney’s “safe place”, it turns out that headband that David sports doesn’t actually work so great, Cary and Oliver try to rip Lenny out of David, Sydney kisses David while he’s being overwritten by Lenny to save his life, Lenny takes over Sydney for all of 10 seconds, Lenny takes over Kerry and whoops some ass, Lenny crashes into Oliver and takes him over, and District 3 is now ready to work with our mutant friends to try and contain the newly-formed Lenny/Oliver super concoction.

Other than that, not much.

Legion 1×08 was an episode filled with chaos, but really only the final two aspects of my rant are relevant now. Lenny has taken on a new host, and the war has taken on a new focus.

We have a few more visually-pleasing scenes in Chapter 8, particularly the one where David is having Lenny erased from his mind and it’s initially working. It was an interesting way to look at David’s childhood, and have Lenny pop away in scenes throughout. Combine that with a little Pink Floyd and you got a scene.

There’s also plenty of action and fighting scenes throughout the episode, mixed with romance and twists. Legion has been big and visual throughout, but in a way this episode most resembled the comic book movies we’re used to.

So how does it fit with season one?

legion 1x08

Another good question. As far as episode construction is concerned, we should be used to this as a viewer by now. We get a few answers, we get to know what an acid trip feels like for an hour, and Aubrey Plaza is great.

How it fits within the construct of the first season, however, is interesting. I thought Legion did a nice job of wrapping up the season, particularly in Chapter 7 and continuing on to Chapter 8. While there are definitely some unanswered questions, we also got some answers to the “big questions” that existed. David is officially Legion, embracing his full power. David can exist without Lenny, and his source of power is not Lenny. The David-Syd love affair is forreal forreal.

In all we can and should be satisfied with the plot results we were given in season one.

So what does it mean for season two?

legion 1x08

You’re inquisitive today. We knew once Legion was renewed midway through season one some cliffhangers could be expected. Now we know what they are.

The upside is David doesn’t need Lenny to survive. The downside is Lenny doesn’t need David either. She now inhabits Oliver Bird, and they’re off to create who knows what chaos who knows where. As happy as I am that Lenny will continue to be a focal point of Legion (I’m ecstatic), the X-Men should be terrified of the same fact. She also doesn’t hesitate to jump at possessing Oliver Bird, so you know he has some great power we haven’t fully seen yet.

Which brings me to the next cliffhanger to be answered. Seeing Lenny’s abilities, District 3 has decided to team up with David & Co. This is a pretty big development. There will still be a war alright, but the focal point of it has shifted. This introduces new characters, plotlines, and settings for us to look forward to.

Enough of my blabbering. What did you think of Legion season one? Let us know in the comments below!

Legion airs Wednesdays at 10pm EST on FX.

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