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Movie review: Could ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ be an Oscar contender?

There are few things like a great war movie. First of all, it’s a true story. The viewer is being treated to a real-life scenario that is “written for the movies.” It also has built-in action, which just comes with the theater of war. Finally, and above all, a quality war movie tells a solid personal story, with a war serving as the background.

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Westworld 1×05 recap: Contrapasso

HBO is a wonderful premium cable network. From Oz, The Sopranos, and Sex in the City of the past to Veep and Silicon Valley of present day, it has been entertaining us for decades. Oh yeah, that Game of Thrones thing is pretty popular too.

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Westworld 1×04 recap: Dissonance Theory

It’s that time of the week again. Time to talk about your favorite original Sunday programming that is based on a book and starts with the letter “W”.

That’s right. Let’s discuss Westworld!

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Westworld 1×03 recap: The Stray

A person’s past is a vital part of their future. A distinct memory — whether it be a pleasant one or not — shapes someone’s thoughts, behaviors, and reactions when faced with a similar situation down the line.

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Westworld recap: 1×02 Remember your humanity

“These violent delights have violent ends”

In episode 2 of Westworld, which asks both Dolores and us to “remember”, this phrase is the single most important thing to remember.

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Take The Next Train In To Westworld

HBO may very well have its next blockbuster hit.

It’s a fascinating, twisting, edge-of-your-seat sci-fi thriller called Westworld. The cast is solid, and the story is intriguing. Go check out the first episode.

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Gene Wilder: A man of pure imagination

Quality movies and actors bring people together. Gene Wilder did that by bringing eccentric and likable characters to life.

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Hell or High Water takes its place among westerns

The modern western film genre is unique. There simply aren’t that many great ones made anymore. However, a hit will be discussed and quoted for years. We finally have another western to discuss and quote.

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suicide squad

‘Suicide Squad’ earns more confusion than congratulations

Since the start of the comic book movie sibling rivalry, Marvel has always been the big brother beating up on little brother DC. The DC universe is constantly hoping its next movie will be the one that finally punches back.

Unfortunately, for DC and comic book movie fans alike, they’re still swinging in the dark.

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Legion is the next show you’ll be obsessed with

What you may not have realized (or forgotten), is that X-Men is one of the earliest adopters of bringing comic books to life with TV shows and movies. The movie franchise started 16 years ago, and 38 Hugh Jackman movies later it’s still going strong thanks to Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool.

Thankfully, Marvel and FX are bringing the X-Men back to TV in a series called Legion. I’ll let you check out the trailer before I start gushing over it:

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